Press release

Xpress wish for Palesa

December 18, 2015

947 Breakfast Xpress Wish for Palesa

Palesa Tshishonga wrote in to 947’s Xpress Wish in the hopes that she would somehow get the chance to complete her diploma and pursue her dream of becoming a Radio Producer. Palesa is a 22-year-old media student at Boston Media House in Parkmore. She lives with her two brothers and her sister-in-law in Diepkloof, Soweto. She and her brothers lost both of their parents, her mom in December 2012 and her dad in February 2014.

Palesa’s older brother (35) is mentally disabled and her other brother (31) recently got married and is currently taking care of the family financially together with his wife. Her grandfather has blood cancer so he’s in and out of hospital. Darren and the rest of the Breakfast Xpress team met Palesa a week ago when she thought she was coming in for an interview. He then called Nazrana Hawa, a Trustee of the Spur Foundation, who offered to sponsor Palesa R46 000 for Boston Media House 2016 fees and R1500 a month for transport for 2016. Nazrana also offered to fly Palesa to Cape Town to co-present on their in-house radio station. Darren was so moved by Palesa’s story that he also offered her a 6 month internship at 947 to join the Breakfast Xpress team.

Through all her ups and downs, Palesa wakes up every day to make her parents proud. She is very positive about her life and never looks at it as a tragedy. Palesa is a hard worker. She was Head Girl of Johannesburg Girls Preparatory School in 2006 and also Head Girl and LRC Chairperson of Rand Private College in 2011. In 2015, she completed her 2nd year at Boston Media House. In her 1st year, Palesa got 9 distinctions out of 12 subjects. Due to her outstanding marks she managed to get a year’s sponsorship for her studies in 2015, this however doesn’t extend to 2016. She helps at Niteo Workshop, a self-awareness/life skills workshop for ages +/- 13 – 21 year olds where they teach teenagers how to change present circumstances to improve life. Palesa is truly a go-getter, self-motivated and very ambitious, qualities that a lot of people her age don’t have.