Press release


April 24, 2017

Cape Town, Wednesday 22 March 2017
Spur Corporation would like to issue an unequivocal apology to Lebohang Mabuya and her family for the incident that took place at the Texamo Spur at The Glen Shopping Centre in Johannesburg on Sunday 19 March 2017.
We have reviewed our CCTV footage of the incident and can confirm that Ms Mabuya’s version of events is accurate; the footage shows that her child was grabbed by the male customer in an aggressive manner and his actions are unacceptable.
We affirm our decision to ban the male customer from our stores, physical aggression towards our customers, particularly against women and children will not be tolerated. We acknowledge that the staff and management of the store did not sufficiently assist Ms Mabuya.
We have addressed this with the store management and we are reviewing our internal procedures to ensure that restaurant staff are better equipped to manage an incident such as this. We also recognize that Ms Mabuya apologised in recent media statements for her inappropriate language used in this incident.
Says Pierre van Tonder; “We will be talking to Ms Mabuya directly, at her convenience, and will apologise for what she and her family experienced. We will also offer her and her family trauma counselling and any other support where we can. I would like to again make it very clear that as an organisation we do not condone any forms of violence against women or children, irrespective of the circumstances. As an organisation we have learnt a valuable lesson and it is my priority at this stage to ensure that should something like this happen again, our staff will be sufficiently prepared.”