Press release

Spur’s ad tugs at heartstrings with ‘hyperreal’ approach

August 24, 2018

Spur’s new TV ad and digital content lets viewers follow in the footsteps of a young boy, travelling home from Queenstown to Cape Town by bus, to be reunited with his family and carry the pride of our nation.

Inam Lamani’s emotional journey from the Eastern Cape to be one of Spur’s Springbok Supporters Club Flag Bearers is a true story, made in collaboration between Spur, 99c and 7Films. The video was filmed in June this year in Khayelitsha, Athlone and Queenstown.

“Spur franchises throughout South Africa contribute to their own communities in many ways, whether it is through charitable donations, school fundraising initiatives, singing competitions or family sports events”, explains Sacha du Plessis, Group Head of Marketing: Spur Corporation.

“We are proud to have been part of the SA family for over 50 years and we’re shifting our focus from storytelling in the traditional advertising sense towards reflecting the brand’s community impact in an authentic and hyperreal manner.”

“An almost documentary-style approach is required to achieve this because the children and families who participate are not actors. Spur is involved in over 500 events per year and the Spur Springbok Supporters Club initiative makes a meaningful difference to children – giving them the opportunity to experience the pride of standing in front of their nation holding their flag.”

“It’s wonderful to play a small role in creating lifelong memories for children and if our advertising can reflect the emotions of the day, I feel we are creating work that is honest, real and memorable.”
To view the new Spur TV advert, “The Story of Inam and Khwezi”, visit: