Press release

Spur partners with Rounda

December 10, 2018

Spur Steak Ranches have partnered with the Rounda campaign to raise funds in aid of Spur Corporation’s Full Tummy Fund and the Nikela Trust.

Rounda is the effective collection of small change for charity which will enable a nation of givers and contribute to a positive impact on the social fabric of the nation.  Rounda is a Public-Private Initiative, driven by Civil Society, and with the full backing of Government in support of the National Development Plan.  Rounda will effectively allow everyone to voluntarily contribute to a better South Africa.

All the funds will be collected by Rounda’s Nikela Trust, a public benefit organisation which will be responsible for distributing the contributions to various charity organisations. Spur has elected its foundation’s Full Tummy Fund to be their beneficiary.

The Spur Foundation was established on International Mandela Day, 18 July 2012, with a donation of R670 000 by the Spur Corporation, resonating with the ‘67 minutes’ theme of Mandela Day, and the founding of the Spur Steak Ranches in 1967.

The Foundation aims to uplift and improve the lives of South African families, especially children, in line with our core value of generosity and Ubuntu. Importantly, we decided to focus our efforts on early childhood development through our Full Tummy Fund.

“As a group with a large foot print across South Africa we’re taking a long-term view,” says Kevin Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, Spur Steak Ranches. “South Africa can only grow if we are able to address the developmental challenges facing its citizens. Partnering with the Rounda campaign, not only amplifies our Full Tummy Fund efforts, it is our humble attempt to help with the eradication of poverty and lending a hand in preparing our country’s future.  I know we can count on our loyal patrons to support this initiative”.