Press release


June 26, 2017

The executive management team of Spur are planning to embark on a nationwide tour to gain a greater understanding of their customers and franchisees.

Over the past few months we have realised that we have not been listening to our customers. The altercation between two Spur customers in March in Johannesburg and the reaction that followed, drove home a powerful message, namely that we urgently needed to give attention to the needs and frustrations of our customers.

We also have to accept and recognise the sentiments of both the public and our franchisees, with regards to our overall handling of the situation. We hereby unconditionally apologize to any person or community who has taken exception to our actions and will ensure a fair hearing is conducted prior to judgements being made in future.

We have analysed the reaction on social media with regards to the incident as well as our own actions, so that it can be addressed and corrected. To this end, Spur has appointed a panel of experts to evaluate the recent negative response on social media and throughout the broader public, and to make recommendations where improvement can be made.

However, due to the overwhelming public response and customer input from ground-level, Spur has decided to put the panel’s work on hold for the time being. At this point in time, we are convinced there is more value in listening to our franchisees and the public – our clients – hence the countrywide tour. Once all information has been collected, a panel will be able to evaluate richer, ground level input and make more meaningful recommendations to Spur.

The immediate action being taken is the appointment of a task team to make our children’s play areas safer and additional staff will be employed during busy periods. Franchisees are also receiving training in conflict management.

Spur does not want to engage in political debates and will focus on what has made us an iconic South African brand for the last 50 years – a place where families from all communities can come together and enjoy a safe and fun restaurant environment. The lessons we have learned from the incident will serve to expand this focus going forward.

We note that several franchisees are now under pressure, without having done anything wrong. Spur will assist each and every one of these franchisees in re-establishing the personal relationships they foster in their respective communities. We also offer our sincerest apology to our franchisees.

In conclusion, we remain committed to listening to our clients and ensuring that every visit to Spur will result in a wonderful memory.

Pierre van Tonder