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Spur franchisees rewarded for environmental sustainability efforts

November 27, 2019

Spur Corp Eco team with the winners

On 19 November 2019, Spur Corporation celebrated the best sustainability practices at the annual Green Feather Rewards ceremony led by Group Chief Operations Officer, Mark Farrelly, who praised franchisees for their “green” efforts, especially those focused o‌n energy consumption, water conservation, waste management and procurement of eco-friendly produce.

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All Spur Group’s restaurants have shown exceptional dedication to sustainability this year, but there was o‌ne clear winner that has become an industry leader in renewable energy and sustainable business practices.

Del Rio Spur in Kuruman received the top prize at the Green Feather Rewards for 2019 and was commended for the way the restaurant used solar power to lower their carbon footprint and to save a massive 25% o‌n energy spending. Franchise owner Rudi du Toit and his team were also commended for creating awareness in their community, educating the younger generation about energy savings and sustainable business practices.

The Green Feather Reward prize has won Del Rio Spur additional financial support to go towards further supporting their sustainability journey. The franchise also received a Green Feather Reward trophy to display in their restaurant as well as social media artwork and PR content for use o‌n digital platfo‌rms and in the press.

Other restaurants in the Spur Group also received recognition for their achievements at the Green Feather Rewards function and included the following franchises:

2019 Runner-up:
Panarottis Mthatha (Eastern Cape)
2019 Honourable Mentions:
Santa Ana Spur Waterfront (Cape Town)
RocoMamas Table View (Cape Town) 
John Dory’s Canal Walk (Cape Town)
2019 Special Acknowledgements:
John Dory’s Suncoast (Durban)
John Dory’s Pavilion (Durban)
John Dory’s Beacon Bay (East London)

“To sustain growth, we understand the need to look beyond “business as usual”. Customers, potential employees and investors are more likely to support brands that are active in their communities and have clear positions o‌n sustainability and fair employment practices. However, being a sustainable business requires full engagement, continuous training, o‌ngoing tracking and measurement of risks and targets,” Farrelly cautioned.
Spur Corporation’s commitment to creating sustainable businesses involves close collaboration with franchisees and operations managers within the group. The Green Feather Rewards serve to support and motivate franchisees and managers who are dedicated to environmental sustainability.
Spur Corporation will continue to support franchisees in their endeavours to become more sustainable businesses while focusing o‌n the so-called triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. To achieve this, the company aims to be a sustainable business with great brands that makes a positive and lasting difference in the lives of employees, franchisees, communities and the environment.
For more info‌rmation o‌n the Spur Corporation Green Feather Rewards please contact: