Press release


April 24, 2017

Dear Concerned Customers and Employees,

Spur takes pride in adhering to the strictest food and safety standards. For many years all our cooking has been done in full view of our customers in an atmosphere of transparency and openness. 

Food quality and hygiene checks take place approximately 4 times per day in every store and once a month all stores have detailed independent food, hygiene and safety audits conducted on-site by corporate area managers. In addition to this, there are bi-monthly evening service and standards audits carried out. These standards are higher than the industry norm, because what matters are the health and safety of all our Spur People.

All kitchen and front of house staff are trained in the ‘clean as you go’ principle. Every day the opening checks deal with product food safety and hygiene prior to the store commencing trade. We have implemented both front of house restaurant and back of house kitchen CCTV cameras to ensure adherence to strict hygiene standards. All staff are thoroughly trained to the highest health and food safety standards. We make use of hair nets for staff and hand sanitisers are present is all sections. We also have permanent and experienced managers based in all kitchens including trained quality coordinators who check each meal before it is delivered to our customers.

All cleaning equipment is colour coded and customised to clean specific areas. Portion control adds to our quality and hygiene efforts as products are individually wrapped and sealed. Each meal is prepared to order in front of numerous cameras and various other staff who depend on the Spur brand for their livelihood and income.

Over the years restaurants have been a favourite target for purveyors of urban legends or then as these legends are known as these days “fake news”. At Spur we take all complaints seriously, even those that seem outlandish on face value. This is done to ensure the safety of our clients against any possible threat, real or perceived.

In our ongoing efforts to improve our high standards even further, you the Spur People are our biggest ally. Please report any incident to us or ask us any question by contacting our friendly Spur Customer Care Team on 086 000 7787.


The Spur Team