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Spur Eco Warriors to the Rescue of Ocean View!

May 5, 2014

Operation Street Clean, an initiative by Spur, kicked off on Friday, 2 May, in Ocean View, near Kommetjie in Cape Town. This initiative forms part of the Eco Warriors Programme of Spur, which engages kids on different levels on ensuring a sustainable future.

Aligned to Spur’s sustainability principles, the company is deeply committed to the cause of residents, contributing clothing, cash donations and cooking items for Creating Change’s Conscious Cooking Course at Marine Primary in Ocean View, which teaches children life skills and about nutrition and healthy eating, their communities and the environment. The company also supports the WESSA, as part of its environmental footprint.

According to CRM and Loyalty Brand Manager, Earle Cloete, Operation Street Clean started off at the Ocean View Football Club, where he is also the Treasurer and Coach. “As it is currently holidays we wanted to take the kids away from football and focus on something bigger – the future of our planet,” he explains.

He adds that 120 junior members of the Club, all aged between 5 and 17, as well as members of the City of Cape Town’s Holiday Programme, were divided into groups, with each group being assigned a specific area of Ocean View to clean up under the leadership of an adult. They managed to collect more than 30 bags of litter during the day.

After the collection Cloete hosted a talk on sustainability, focusing on issues like teaching kids not to litter. “If there is one message I wanted to get across to each kid: that change starts with yourself. Next time any of them will eat a packet of chips they will think twice before throwing down the empty packet,” he stresses. “Also, kids need to understand that they can make a difference, even if it’s by doing something relatively small like picking up litter. A clean environment starts at home,” he adds.

Ocean View is an environmentally sensitive area, being close to the beach and a river and the aim of Operation Street Clean was for the kids to experience first-hand and learn the effect dropping a plastic bag could have on these sensitive ecosystems in the area.

After Cloete’s talk, hotdogs were served to the hungry kids, who were all dressed in Spur branded t-shirts. In a bid to emphasise healthy living, kids were also given the opportunity to compete in games like soccer and table tennis.

Cloete says as a coach at Ocean View Football Club, he regularly sees that children do not eat adequately to sustain healthy, growing bodies. “A huge percentage of these kids play soccer on a regular basis on Saturdays and usually we as organisers are faced to clean up litter at these facilities where the games are taking place. We have now started to encourage the kids to, firstly, not litter and to, secondly, pick up any litter when they see it and not leave it till the end of the game,” Cloete explains.

Cloete says they would also like to involve more adults in the area, as litter is not only a problem of the youth. “We need leaders to show kids how to do things,” he concludes.

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