Press release

Spur Corporation ‘Best Company to Work For’

October 24, 2014

Spur Corporation Limited was awarded a Standard of Excellence Award in Deloitte’s Best Company to Work For 2014 Survey earlier this month. The Standard of Excellence Award is issued for companies achieving an overall score of 3.7 and higher out of 5 in the Survey.

According to Samkelo Blom, the Group Human Resources and Transformation Executive at Spur, it is the first time Spur has entered this Survey – and the first time that any representative from the restaurant industry entered the Survey. “We are very proud on the score we have achieved! It shows us we can compete with companies like Clover, Murray & Roberts, Eli Lilly, Old Mutual, Tourvest and ADvTECH in the field of human resources,” he says.

“The two key challenges for businesses nowadays are to attract talent and then to retain it. Receiving this award indicates that Spur is a great company to work for,” he adds proudly. “It shows that our employees believe that our human resources are on track.”

Samkelo adds that the company is looking into entering another survey in 2015, to get their HR policies and procedures certified as forward-thinking, which Samkelo believes will play a significant role in staff retention and will thus go hand-in hand with the Deloitte Best Company to Work For Awards in paving the way forward for Spur’s successful management of human resources.

Deloitte’s Best Company to Work For Survey was launched in 2000, comparing each company entering on how their employees rate the company and how it compares to other companies across similar or competitive market sectors.

This Survey also enables Spur to establish the key areas employees feel they need to focus on in the future. “We already have annual performance and career development evaluations in place, as well as an extensive group leadership development programme, which includes a Group Competency Framework to act as a compass in all recruitment, development and talent retention engagements. This Award will enable us to further build on these amazing initiatives and add some more, where needed,” Samkelo concludes.