Press release


February 19, 2018

With the impact of the drought in the Western Cape worsening and experts predicting Cape Town may run out of water in the coming months, Spur Corporation has been working around the clock to implement measures to avert Day Zero.

Spur’s Sustainability Team has embarked on a comprehensive Critical Water Shortage Disaster Plan to provide all franchisees with the necessary tools to assist them in saving water and helping restaurant owners deal with challenges arising from the water crisis.

According Joe Stead, Head of Sustainability at Spur, the company has invested numerous resources into dealing with the water crisis. “Due to the nature of our business, we carry an extended responsibility to reduce usage without compromising our high health and safety standards. We have accordingly made all possible adjustments to promote water saving in our day-to-day operations.”

Franchise owners have been encouraged to do an extensive water audit at their restaurants to make sure there are no leakages and that all equipment and pipes are functioning optimally. Staff and customer awareness drives have been launched and affected restaurants have adopted a water supply contingency plan.

Joe emphasized that the reality of Day Zero affects everybody in South Africa and Spur appreciates the ongoing support in measures to save water from customers and staff. “This prodigious crisis has proven once again that sustainability, specifically in relation to the devastating impact of global warming is, and should be a principal strategic consideration if businesses are to build resilience in the future. Together we can prepare for and avoid Day Zero, but it will require collective will and drive from all our stakeholders,” says Joe.

As all restaurants in the Spur Group are owner-operated, customers are encouraged to obtain more information about specific water saving activations from individual franchises. More information about Spur’s extensive operational interventions and measures across the drought stricken areas is available on the company’s website:

We look forward to your continued feedback and input in this regard and appreciate your support of our journey towards building a sustainable and environmentally responsible brand.

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