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Panarottis takes the lead in fighting environmental pollution

October 16, 2019

From September 2019, our Panarottis restaurants across the country started phasing out the use of plastic straws as well as balloons. This is in line with the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability of continually striving to improve operations to limit environmental impact and operate well within the natural boundary.

Tyrone Herdman-Grant

Taking care of the environment is a collective responsibility, not just a trend, explains Tyrone Herdman-Grant, Chief Operating Officer of Panarottis. “At Panarottis, with a footprint of 103 restaurants globally, we know we have the responsibility and opportunity to make a significant change. Global efforts to reduce single-use plastics have grown substantially over the past few years and a younger generation is taking the lead to preserve our natural resources. We’re also very aware of our customers’ concern for a healthy environment and making a difference to prevent unnecessary pollution,” Tyrone says. If a plastic straw ends up in our waterways, it can have a devastating impact on marine life. An estimated 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastic in their stomachs.
Balloons are associated with celebrations and colourful birthday parties, but they have a terrible impact on the environment, says Tyrone, “When balloons end up in the ecosystem, animals mistake them for food and because it fills up their stomachs, the creatures then starve to death,” Tyrone adds that experts rank balloons as one of the biggest threats to marine mammals and sea birds. Gradually phasing out balloons as party decorations and toys in franchises will be an important contribution to our overall sustainability efforts, Tyrone says. “Customers who come to Panarottis will also now have the option to rather use paper or pasta straws – and they will have just as much fun as before!”
According to Joe Stead, the Spur Corporation’s Head of Sustainability, the group has been working closely with suppliers since early 2017 to introduce viable alternatives to problematic materials. “Packaging, especially single-use items such as take away containers, plastic bags and plastic straws provide convenience to our customers, but unfortunately also contribute to waste to landfill and environmental pollution if not managed properly.”
We will continue to innovate and improve our efforts to support our strategy of building great, sustainable brands.

Moshe Apleni, Corporate Communications Manager, Spur Corporation
Tel: 021 555 5100