Operational Training

Skills development is one of the most important ways in which Spur Corporation supports its franchisees to run successful businesses. This enables the Group to build strong brands and foster consumer support.

Skills development initiatives take place through:

  • Spur Training Academy Courses
    Training courses are presented to franchisee staff through training centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Focus areas include food preparation and food safety, operational efficiencies, financial management, sales techniques, management skills environmental awareness and customer safety. The Spur Steak Ranch Management Prestige Training Programme continues to be a great success. Trainees that completed each module receive visible recognition of their achievements through graded caps and shirts that form part of the staff uniform.
  • Practical Training
    Practical training to ensure franchisees and management are capable of operating all aspects of a franchise business takes place at accredited training restaurants in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.
  • Spur College of Excellence
    The Spur College of Excellence in Johannesburg is accredited with the CATHSSETA and aims to build capacity at middle management and above. Its comprehensive six-month course covers all aspects of operating and managing a franchise outlet through lectures, practical training and workshops.