Nikos Coalgrill Greek

Nikos Coalgrill Greek is the latest addition to the Spur Group brand family. This high-end restaurant effortlessly fuses traditional Greek food with a warm, inviting environment. Aimed at more affluent customers, it’s suited as a destination for big family celebrations, along with being a haven for regulars. Initially established in Durban North in 2017, with a brand footprint of 7 restaurants in various areas across Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Town.

Spur Corporation acquired the majority stake in Nikos in 2018, with the founding family members, Peter, Nicolette and Nicholas Triandafillou, along with Pano Economou, continuing to manage the business together with the Spur Group Operational team.

Nikos has an honest, relaxed atmosphere – offering the most delectable home-made Greek food. It is already establishing a reputation for quality, home-style Greek food that is as consistently superb as it is authentic – adding an appetising new flavour profile to the Spur Group’s dining offering. Nikos not only serves excellent food in generous portions, it immerses you in a genuine Greek experience, making it no surprise that they have already received positive acclaim, with two restaurants being listed amongst the 2019 Eat Out 500 winners.

The Nikos menu is extensive, the generosity is too – not only in their portion sizes, but also in the care, service, training, and décor that is so purposely applied in each restaurant – making every customer feel welcomed, and part of a Greek family.  

The selection of meze is impressive, all made from scratch and leaves you dreaming of more. A variety of their unique coal-grilled mains are available, including souvlaki either plated or served as a yiro – and all living up to their ‘coalgrilled to perfection’ promise.  

Nikos Coalgrill Greek will transport you to the Mediterranean with their freshly made dishes always using olive oil, and their unrivalled ability to always deliver outstanding, intricate Greek dishes with exceptional ease. You’ll feel at home while you sit back, relax and indulge in this truly original, Greek experience.

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