Press release

Ocean View Youth Day Clean-up a resounding success.

July 8, 2016

June in Cape Town usually means one thing – frequent grey skies with relentless storms rolling in off the Atlantic Ocean. Spur Corporation’s Eco Team, however, was hard at work making sure that Youth Day 16 June was a day filled with rays of hope for the community in Ocean View, despite the weather.

The Ocean View Youth Day Clean-up, initiated by Earle Cloete of Spur Corporation’s Eco Team, was a day to remember, with hundreds of local kids rolling up their sleeves and doing their bit to tidy up their neighbourhood. On a chilly, overcast day, the eager little helpers came in their warmest tracksuits, jerseys and onesies, and showed the people of Ocean View what a bit of teamwork can do.


After all the hard work to make Ocean View spick and span, all the kids were treated to a full day of fun, learning and eating, thanks to House of Praise contributing breakfast and Spur Corporation contributing lunch for all the hungry tummies.

The day was hosted at the sports grounds of Ocean View Football Club and was a generous collaboration between – Ocean View Football Club; Restoring Hope, a Western Cape organisation assisting the homeless and needy; House of Praise; Extreme Gaming; and Fruit (N) Ation, a youth empowerment organisation. Together with support from Spur Corporation and endorsement by the City of Cape Town: Sport and Recreation Ocean View Hub, the day was jam-packed with action, including singing, rapping, motivational speakers, sport and video games, a live DJ, Spur jumping castles, breakfast and lunch, all over and above the actual morning clean-up.

Speaking to Earle on the day, he emphasised the long-term benefits and intentions of the initiative: ‘We hope to make this an annual event, as it teaches kids about taking responsibility for the well-being and cleanliness of their own surroundings, and empowers them to take ownership of their community.’

With the commitment and enthusiasm shown by all involved, the youth of Ocean View can rest assured that their future is looking very bright.