Spur Corporation believes that the long-term success of South Africa is critically dependent on transformation and the group is committed to the principles of B-BBEE. Our transformation initiatives support the development of historically disadvantaged individuals at franchises and Spur Corporation corporate offices. The group takes transformation further by providing in-house development opportunities and mentoring programmes.

An analysis of the group’s top suppliers was concluded during the financial year and continuous discussions are in place to improve black ownership and black-female ownership of suppliers.

Transformation is monitored by the transformation committee and progress is measured against the dti Codes of Good Practice. Spur Corporation falls under the Tourism Charter of the BEE codes.

dti Codes of Good Practice category Score 2018

Ownership – 17.72

Management control – 4.16

Skills development – 3.27

Enterprise and supplier development – 4.15

Socio-economic development – 5.00

Codes of Good Practice Level – non-compliant

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