The Group’s nominations and remuneration committee operates in accordance with formal terms of reference approved by the board. The committee is mandated by the board to oversee, inter ailanthus establishment and implementation of a group-wide remuneration policy (“the policy”).

This policy is founded on the principles of fair, responsible and transparent remuneration practices and the following objectives have been established to:

– attract the appropriate people to key positions by means of appropriate remuneration
– manage the workforce to realise their full potential in terms of performance
– retain key knowledge by identifying and retaining key people

By implementing this remuneration policy, we aim to have and maintain a positive, high-quality, motivated workforce which operates responsibly within an ethical culture.

The Group’s remuneration strategy is underpinned by the overall business objective, namely, maximising value to shareholders, and is informed by the risk framework regarding human capital, the human resources strategy, stakeholder dialogue and by comparative industry practices.

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