Our stakeholders

Spur Corporation’s stakeholders are those individuals or groups that can affect or be affected by the group’s actions, objectives and policies.

Our material stakeholders

  • Chief executive officer (“CEO”) and human resources (“HR”) road shows
  • Intranet
  • Monthly meetings
  • Open-door policy
Key concerns and expectations in 2019 
  • Alignment with group values, vision and mission
  • Functional role clarity, career opportunities, skills development and employee wellness
  • Fair remuneration and benefits
  • Transformation
Spur Corporation’s response
  • The group’s process to align its values, vision and mission with those of employees is discussed in the strategy section here.
  • HR policies ensure employees are equitably remunerated and appropriately incentivised to develop and progress in their careers. The group appointed a new HR executive, who will establish a talent management framework and identify a suitable, more rigorous and metric-based performance review process. The remuneration report starts here.
  • The group is committed to the principles of broad-based black economic empowerment (“B-BBEE”). The group identified an internal strategic transformation manager who will formulate an integrated transformation strategy and plan, with implementation and measurement goals.
  • The group invests in skills development to ensure it supports and harnesses the highest potential from employees. More information is available in the online sustainability supplement.
Future areas of focus
  • To improve engagement, Spur Corporation will optimise group-wide internal business communication systems.
  • Establish a formal talent management framework and more rigorous, objective, metric-based performance review process
  • Reassess all roles in the group to improve remuneration. benchmarking.
  • Formulate a transformation strategy and plan, with measurement criteria.

More detail on these initiatives is in the strategic enablers here

  • Analysts’ presentations
  • Interim results reports
  • Annual reporting suite, including the integrated report
  • AGM and one-on-one meetings
  • SENS announcements
  • Corporate website
Key concerns and expectations in 2019 
  • Prudent capital allocation
  • Return on investment and the perception that Spur Corporation delivers muted growth
  • Evidence of good corporate citizenship
  • Executive remuneration
Spur Corporation’s response
  • The management team has extensive experience in the restaurant industry and a conservative approach to international expansion. Read more about the group’s capital allocation approach in the chief executive and chief financial officers’ report here.
  • 74.9% of votes cast at the AGM in December 2018 were against the group’s Remuneration Policy. The group held an engagement session with shareholders, members of the remuneration committee and executive management in January 2019. One outcome is that the group’s incentive programmes are being reviewed to ensure that they align the interests of management and shareholders. Refer to the chairman’s report here and the remuneration report here.
Future areas of focus
  • Implementation of the Vision 2023 strategy to address the group’s specific challenges to growth. The strategy will be communicated to shareholders. Refer to the strategy section from here.
  • Potential implementation of revised incentive schemes.

How the group manages and governs stakeholder relationships

The group regularly engages with key stakeholders to ensure it understands their legitimate needs, concerns and expectations. Regular engagement ensures that important matters are addressed and, where relevant, these are considered in strategic discussions.

The board determines the direction of stakeholder relationships and delegates the responsibility for implementation and execution to management. The social, ethics and environmental sustainability committee assists the board to monitor stakeholder management and to set the approach to stakeholder relationships.

  • Advisory committees
  • Franchisee extranet
  • Restaurant visits
  • Road shows
  • Conversation cafés
Key concerns and expectations in 2019 
  • Ongoing support
  • Return on investment
  • Transformation
Spur Corporation’s response

  • Operations management teams offer continuous support to ensure franchisees run successful businesses.
  • The group provides training to franchisee employees and management on all aspects of running and managing a profitable restaurant.
  • The outsourced distribution model enhances procurement efficiencies, provides a cost benefit to franchisees and maintains food safety standards and consistent product quality.
  • Spur Corporation partnered with financial services providers to offer tailored financial assistance to franchisees at their election.

More detail on these initiatives is in the key business drivers section here

Future areas of focus

The group will communicate Spur Corporation’s Vision 2023 strategy to franchisees by brand. 

  • Day-to-day interaction to ensure a shared understanding of suppliers’ concerns and group policies
  • Assessments
  • Meetings
  • Supplier audits
Key concerns and expectations in 2019 
  • Certainty of supply
  • Fair treatment and payment terms
  • Loyalty and collaboration
  • Transformation
Spur Corporation’s response
  • The group engaged with suppliers on the governance of supplier relationships and intends to conduct a value
    chain analysis.
  • Suppliers operate according to normal contractual terms.
  • Franchised restaurants purchase significant quantities
    of raw materials and the group ensures suppliers share
    Spur Corporation’s commitment to sustainable practices.

More detail on these initiatives is in product responsibility here

Future areas of focus
Based on engagement during 2019, the group will establish development plans, with measurement indicators and tracking and feedback processes. 
Customers and future customers 
  • Customer care centre
  • Personalised loyalty programme promotions, such as birthday meals
  • Mobile applications (John’s Club app and Spur Family app)
  • Social media
  • Spur Secret Tribe
  • Gift vouchers
Key concerns and expectations in 2019 
  • A welcoming family experience
  • Excellent food and great service
  • Food safety
  • More personalised marketing based on consumer data insights
Spur Corporation’s response
  • Operations managers conduct restaurant inspections to monitor food quality, customer service and restaurant management.
  • The group’s revamp programme ensures restaurant design and specifications are kept up to date and in line with group quality standards.
  • Stringent food safety standards are applied to franchisees, suppliers, the logistics service provider and manufacturing facilities.
  • The group has robust and formalised complaints handling procedures.
  • The in-house customer service centre is a touchpoint and base for monitoring customer relations. It supports franchisees and provides customer feedback to ensure any required operational improvements are addressed.
  • The group’s social media team monitors and responds to queries, compliments and complaints posted to sites such as TripAdvisor, GoReview, Facebook and Twitter.
Future areas of focus
The strategy section on page 28 explains how the group will use its rich supply of data to enhance and personalise customer experiences. 
Communities and potential customers 
  • CSI engagements
  • Outdoor events
Key concerns and expectations in 2019 
Community support and reinvestment 
Spur Corporation’s response

  • Spur Corporation is active in communities through various CSI initiatives. These are facilitated by The Spur Foundation and provide support for underprivileged youth. The group sponsors a multitude of outdoor events, which encourage a healthy and fun lifestyle.
  • Franchisees are encouraged to actively engage their local communities, with the implementation of specific plans being monitored by operations management.
Future areas of focus

Continue to support communities as set out in the online sustainability supplement. 


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