Our business model

Spur Corporation’s business model is founded on the group’s values. It builds on the core relationships between Spur Corporation and franchisees, suppliers, service providers and customers.

Our capital inputs

The <IR> Framework describes the six capitals, which are stocks of value that increase, decrease or are transformed through the activities and output of an organisation. Spur Corporation’s business model aims to leverage the capitals available to the group to achieve its strategic objectives of growing revenue and maintaining a sustainable business.

Our business activities

Our brands

Local restaurants

The franchised restaurants across the group’s brand portfolio are operated by independent, entrepreneurial franchisees who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the restaurants.

Franchisees receive support from the group through brand- and region-specific operations teams. Spur Corporation offers operational support to franchised restaurants through regular visits to assess food safety and product and service standards against group and regulatory requirements.

Spur Corporation also offers restaurant development through the management of new franchises, relocations and refurbishments. This includes site selection, project management and restaurant openings. 

International operations

The group has an international head office in the Netherlands and regional offices in Australia and Namibia. These provide operational and restaurant development support to the group’s international restaurants.

Our investments

Company-owned restaurants

Spur Corporation owns one RocoMamas and four The Hussar Grill restaurants in South Africa and is directly involved in their daily operations.

Operational divisions

The group operates a sauce manufacturing facility which supplies franchisees with certain of the group’s sauces. Selected products, including sauces, ribs and burgers, are externally manufactured under licence, and are sold directly to consumers in major South African retailers.

The group identified and is exploring more operational opportunities which seek to enhance financial agility and secure tenure for the group’s brands and businesses. 

Our outputs

Spur Corporation’s outputs include its products and waste.

The group served 48.3 million meals across its brands in South Africa and produced 4.5 million litres of sauce. Spur Corporation’s products include décor and food manufactured for preparation and sale.

92% of the waste generated at the group’s Cape Town head office was diverted from landfill and 72% and 20% was diverted from landfill from the corporate offices and the sauce manufacturing facility respectively.

Our capital outcomes

The results of Spur Corporation’s inputs, business activities and outputs in relation to the six capitals:

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