Case study


RocoMamas Table View: A green restaurant

Alan Ranson and Derek McMahon of Ranmac Restaurant Group were encouraged
by the shift towards sustainability within the Spur Corporation. During the past few years, these franchisees committed to a responsible approach in fitting out the new RocoMamas Table View, which opened in December 2018. The aim was to become significantly more energy and water efficient and reduce the environmental impact of waste generated by the restaurant. This will also reduce the restaurant’s carbon footprint through mindful product choices and operations.

RocoMamas Table View trialled various green building technologies and processes that had not previously been used in the brand’s restaurants. The interventions to improve sustainability included structural changes to the building and interior finishes. These include passive design elements such as skylights, efficient technology such as smarter equipment and systems that allow for better control, and materials and finishes that improve indoor environmental quality.

The benefits are wide ranging:

  • Cost reduction of operations and maintenance
  • Return on investment by using efficient technology
  • Reduction in transport costs and growth in the local economy
  • Reduction in carbon footprint and negative environmental impact
  • Reduction in resources used – electricity, water and waste generated
  • Increased productivity – better working environment for employees

This trial project tracked and reported on the successes achieved and challenges encountered, and provides the brand with a valuable learning opportunity. RocoMamas updated the eco training it provides to employees to ensure the restaurant achieved optimal performance in terms of its sustainability goals. The benefits of the greening efforts are also shared with customers, who experience the improved interior space and better way of doing business.

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