Spur Corporation’s goal is to generate sustainable returns for our providers of financial capital over the long term. These returns support the creation of value for the group’s other key stakeholders. The group’s strategy is based on two complementary objectives, supported by strategic value drivers:

Our strategic objectives

  • Increase existing restaurant sales through effective marketing, excellent service, outstanding food, good value and compelling loyalty programmes
  • Open new outlets in existing markets
  • Expand into new geographic markets
  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Responsive and agile franchise model
  • Ensure that franchisees can earn a competitive return on their investment
  • Ethical business practices and good corporate governance
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility

Spur Corporation’s management and governance structures support, monitor and facilitate economic, social and environmental performance to drive the effective execution of the strategy. The group recognises IT as a key enabler to achieve the group’s strategy and invests heavily in building IT capability that supports improved strategy execution.

Strategic performance is tracked against key performance indicators (“KPIs”) which include short-term (one-year) and medium-term targets. The KPIs in the table below provide a summary of current and historic performance measures, and short and medium-term targets for a range of relevant economic, social and environmental indicators. The full table can be found here.

The short-term incentive scheme and the long-term equity-settled share appreciation rights schemes reward successful implementation of group strategy, as discussed in the remuneration committee report.