Efficient use of resources to reduce costs

Maintaining a sustainable business involves managing environmental risks related to climate change and responding to consumers’ environmental consciousness.

Energy costs represent an increasingly significant proportion of total franchisee costs due to the rising price of electricity and gas. Increasing energy efficiency reduces costs, supports franchisee profitability and reduces the group’s broader carbon footprint.

Concerns around water supply infrastructure and deteriorating water quality continue to increase, particularly in smaller towns.

Strategic response

Spur Corporation’s direct environmental impact is relatively small and is discussed in the online sustainability supplements here.

However, the group acknowledges its responsibility to drive resource use efficiency at franchisee restaurants, which together have a significant combined environmental footprint. The group continually identifies ways to improve their energy and water efficiency. Redesigns of back-of-house layouts and the use of innovative technology offer solutions to improve energy and water efficiency and reduce oil usage. Certain franchisees have also invested in environmentally friendly solutions to reduce energy costs in restaurants with favourable returns on their investments.