Case Study

Saying no to plastic

Packaging, especially single use items such as takeaway containers, plastic bags and plastic straws, provide a convenience to customers. However, they also contribute to waste, landfill and environmental pollution if not managed properly. Plastic straws, in particular, are not always necessary and cause pollution and physical harm to marine life. We have been working closely with our suppliers since early 2017 to introduce viable alternatives and are currently running trials with paper and other materials.

John Dory’s have removed plastic bags, polystyrene takeaway boxes and plastic straws from all our restaurants and are in the process of replacing plastic wrapped chopsticks with paper wrapped ones. The brand fully supports the #SayNoToStraws and #SayNoToPlasticBags campaigns.

Packaging across the Spur Corporation’s brands contains relevant information to educate and encourage customers to recycle or dispose of takeaway containers and related items in a responsible manner. We are further redesigning our operational processes to minimise wasteful behaviour by not automatically handing out a straw with every drink, with the view to phase out plastic straws completely in time as the main objective. Plastic bags have been removed from all Spur and Panarottis restaurants and consumers are given a choice as to whether they would like to use plastic straws.

It is important that Spur Corporation ensures our customers, franchisees and suppliers are part of this process to ensure long-term buy-in to effect real change.