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Our revised approach to managing social media

For several years, Spur Corporation has monitored the heightened risk of reputational damage to the group and its brands due to the increasing speed and reach of social media. The medium lends itself to rapid distribution of both valid information, as well as false content, which feeds a point of contention. Last year, we included social media as one of the top risks facing Spur Corporation. The events in 2017 underscored the potential financial impact of this risk, both to Spur Corporation and to our franchisees. In addition, valid issues raised around the incident were severely exacerbated
by incidents of “fake news”.

In response, we continue to refine our social media capabilities to ensure that this risk is effectively managed going forward. Our social media response capability is being moved to our customer care department to enable a better and more active response time. A social media “listening tool” was procured to automatically inform executives of possible social media flare ups. A formal social media executive committee was created and is notified of brand-related activity developed for social media prior to its implementation. The relevant personnel have 24-hour access to a social media and public relations expert.

We have added further social media expertise to the marketing department, and ongoing training on relevant issues is provided to employees who deal with our social media presence. We have also established direct contact with social media sites to address fake news promptly and effectively. This includes Google, Facebook and Twitter.