Operational reports

Spur Steak Ranches


2014/2015 SPECIALS

  • Spur’s Unreal Breakfast
  • Monday Burger (buy one get one free)
  • Rocking Ribs Wednesdays
  • 20% off all steaks on Thursdays


Performance overview

Total restaurant turnover increased 9.0% to R4.31 billion (2014: R3.95 billion). This is a satisfying performance given the challenging economic environment and highly competitive market in which we operate. We estimate that the impact of load-shedding cost the division an additional 3% in lost turnover growth. Existing restaurant turnover grew 7.3%.

Turnover growth was supported by strengthening our breakfast positioning and focusing on driving repeat weekday evening business by offering good value in our weekday specials. These received ongoing support by consumers and Spur once again won the Sunday Times Generation Next 2015 Survey Award for the “Coolest Place to Eat Out”. Three quarters of Spur restaurants nationwide have generators in case of load-shedding.

Training of franchisee staff continued to be a focus area for the brand and is a critical success factor in maintaining food quality and service standards. Training initiatives included the modular training programme and the Management Prestige programmes, which included widespread re-training and re-focusing of restaurant managers and operators.

The Spur Family Card grew strongly with over 1.85 million members transacting in the past 12 months (2014: 1.7 million members). Spur loyalty spend per invoice is 29% higher than non-loyalty spend. Customers see the value in the programme with 71% of the more than 100 000 vouchers (worth R50 each) distributed per month being redeemed.

The Spur eGift Card was successfully launched in September 2014 and is showing steady sales uptake. The card has enabled Spur to offer a business-to-business solution, allowing companies to buy them for their customers and employees as incentives and rewards. We are also partnering with a number of large corporates and have identified synergistic benefits in broadening the offer to a wider consumer base.

The year also saw the finalisation of two smaller concept Spur restaurants to increase potential outlets for the brand. The small format Spur suits locations in minor urban areas that can accommodate approximately 350m2 and 140 seats and features lower setup costs and a reduced menu. The ‘Spur Grill and Go’ concept targets high foot traffic locations with floor space of around 150m2 – such as filling station forecourts – and has a further reduced menu, dedicated takeaway counter and limited seating. We have identified target sites for these formats and intend rolling them out on a pilot basis in the year ahead.

Strategic outlook

We intend to remain competitive through entrenching our specials, supported by strong marketing campaigns. This will include ongoing re-evaluation of our offerings and menu content to ensure that we keep on giving our customers what they want, while ensuring franchisee profitability. We will continue growing our footprint through new store openings, relocations where necessary and rollout of the new smaller format and Spur Grill and Go models in suitable locations. Skills development within Spur Corporation and among our franchisees will continue to be a core focus area.