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Skills development



Ongoing training and development of group and franchisee employees is an important way in which we ensure the long-term sustainability of the group and its brands. Our training programmes support the highest standards of food quality and service at our restaurants and contribute to the personal development of franchisee and corporate employees.

Skills development initiatives are also important to address the declining numeracy and literacy skills in South African school leavers. This challenge makes it difficult for franchisees to identify and recruit suitably qualified employees to run and manage their restaurants, and for the group to attract employees who match our work ethic and culture.

Group employee training

The group spent R769 482 in 2014 on skills development initiatives for corporate employees. Training covered various areas including client service, business writing, office IT skills, assertiveness/conflict resolution, legislative compliance, literacy and numeracy, management and leadership, and technical skills.

Employee development initiatives have enabled us to maintain knowledge and capacity where business areas have been affected by employee turnover.

Franchisee employee training

Skills development of franchisee employees is one of the most important ways in which the group supports its franchisees to run successful businesses. It is also a way in which the group can ensure that it continues to build its brands and foster consumer support, through ensuring that every visit to a group restaurant is a fun and satisfying experience.

Skills development initiatives take place through a number of channels discussed below.

Spur Training Academy courses

Training courses are delivered to franchisee employees through training centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Skills development focus areas include food preparation and food safety, operational efficiencies, financial management, sales techniques, management skills environmental awareness and customer safety. During 2014, 8 565 franchisee and corporate office employees were trained through internal and external workshops, an 18.6% increase on 2013.

The Spur Steak Ranch Management Prestige Training programme was implemented during 2014. The programme features six modules of two weeks each. Trainees that complete each module receive visible recognition of their achievements through graded caps and shirts that form part of the employee uniform. Management Prestige Training programmes for Panarottis and John Dory’s are currently under development.

Practical training

Practical training to ensure franchisees and management are capable of operating all aspects of a franchise business is delivered at accredited training restaurants in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. During 2014, 198 people were trained in these restaurants.

Spur College of Excellence

The Spur College of Excellence is based in Johannesburg and Cape Town and underwent facility upgrades to provide a better learning environment. The College is accredited with the CATHSSETA and aims to build capacity at middle management and above. The comprehensive six-month course covers all aspects of operating and managing one of our franchise outlets through lectures, practical training and workshops. The College produced 13 graduates with 12 more delegates entering the programme in August 2014.

8 000 employees trained
(franchise and corporate)
8 565 delegates were trained 8 800 employees trained
24 Spur College of Excellence graduates 13 graduates 24 Spur College of Excellence graduates