Strategy, risks and key performance indicators (“KPIs”)

Product responsibility

The final product we promise our customers is great food and excellent service in a welcoming family environment. This quality must be delivered consistently across our restaurants and each time our customers return. We know that we are only as good as the last meal we serve and with the broad reach of social media, we understand that any interaction that may affect customer goodwill can have an impact on our brands.

Some of the preventative and qualitative measures undertaken are as follows:

  • We train our franchisees’ employees in food preparation, customer service, food safety and the other relevant areas necessary to ensure that they have the knowledge and tools to deliver the quality products and service our customers demand.
  • Operations managers regularly visit each restaurant to monitor quality through checks of food quality, specifications and portion sizes of certain products in store, including meat and oil.
  • The group has implemented Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (“HACCP”) compliance at our own manufacturing facilities and monitors the compliance of our suppliers and our outsourced distributor to ensure the highest standards of food safety are applied.
  • New suppliers are subjected to a capability assessment process that includes a review of their HACCP and/or ISO22000 compliance.
  • Major suppliers are regularly audited to assess their performance against their capability assessment. We actively encourage suppliers who are not HACCP and/or ISO22000 to become compliant. The group engages an independent third party to conduct specialised food safety audits at suppliers.

The group is also committed to ensuring that as far as possible, customers and employees are protected from personal injury and loss. We invest time, money and effort in educating franchisees about their health and safety legal obligations. However, the onus remains on franchisees to ensure that they are compliant with the applicable legislation, franchise agreement and group operating standards.

We support our customers to make informed decisions about their diet. Spur provides a full nutritional analysis of its entire menu on its website (www.spur.co.za/nutrition). Panarottis is in the process of completing a similar exercise, although the recent changes to the menu have delayed the process. We aim to eliminate MSG from the food we serve – 98% of the products on our menus are MSG free – although alternative products without MSG can be significantly more expensive.

Goals for 2014 Achieved in 2014 Goals for 2015
97% of suppliers managed by the group are HACCP/ISO22000 compliant 100% of suppliers managed by the group are HACCP/ISO22000 compliant 100% of suppliers managed by the group remain HACCP/ISO22000 compliant
93% of menu items are rBST and MSG free 98% of menu items are rBST and MSG free 100% of menu items are rBST and MSG free