Press release

Aircon to Water Conversion Switches on at Sioux Spur

March 23, 2018

With many parts of South Africa experiencing a devastating drought and water shortages, Spur Corporation and its restaurants are committed to making every drop count.

Sioux Spur in Cape Town is one such restaurant, whose innovation is leading the way forward in terms of environmental sustainability while also inspiring other businesses that are looking to save water and money.

Gerhard Kitching, owner of Sioux Spur, felt compelled to invest in a unique air-to-water system in an effort to minimise the effects Day Zero would have on his business and staff. This ensures Sioux Spur will be able to continue running optimally and the staff won’t have to queue for water.

The system harvests water from the large air conditioning units and ice machines in-store. The water produced by condensation is captured via big tanks and then reutilized back into the restaurant’s system.

The water goes through a vigorous three-system purification process: carbon purifier, reverse osmosis and finally through a UV light that kills all bacteria. This ensures the water is clean, safe, drinkable water that can be used for the taps, basins, toilets and ice machines in the restaurant. The yield is approximately 500 litres per day.

“It is a long-term financial investment and a constant saving, even if we do get rain and Day Zero doesn’t come. I hope a lot of stores will benefit through this initiative,” says Gerhard.

The Spur Eco Team chatted to Gerhard to learn more about this exciting water-saving initiative.

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