Press release

A taste for life – and uplifting the lives of others (Cape Town)

February 23, 2015

The Spur Foundation donates toys and food to the Durbanville Children’s Home

Think of the Spur and you think of family. A firm favourite with South African children for decades, the Spur is where we take our families for great food and great fun. The Spur Foundation was established so that this winning recipe could also be delivered outside their restaurants. As part of this commitment to the welfare of South African children, the Spur Foundation organises an annual Toy Drive for underprivileged children. One of the beneficiaries this year is the Durbanville Children’s Home in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

On 17 February, a collection of toys was handed over to the Home. Children remained centre-stage at the event, with Spur staff entertaining the 2-6 year olds with party games like pass-the-parcel. Each child got a Sponge Bob Squarepants soft toy and a Spur lucky packet – not to mention slices of delicious Panarotti’s pizza for dinner.

Johanna Strauss, Marketing and Fundraising Manager for the Home, was delighted by the event: “On behalf of the Durbanville Children’s Home I want to thank the Spur Foundation for their generous attitude toward the vulnerable children presently in our care. The 30 boxes of presents, pizza for our little ones and the fun way in which they interacted with the children is a testimony to the commitment of the Spur Foundation to touch and improve the lives of vulnerable children. The care taken in making it a magical experience for our children is much appreciated. It is only with the assistance of organisations like the Spur Foundation that the Home can render quality care and show our children that there are people in the community who care about them.”

The Durbanville Children’s Home currently cares for 144 children, all from backgrounds of either abuse or neglect. The Home relies on donations of clothes and furniture for the children, as well as financial assistance from local business. For Ronel Van Dijk, Chairperson of the Spur Foundation, supporting the Home is an ideal way for the Foundation to achieve its aim of uplifting and improving the lives of South African families and children:

“The number of neglected and abused children in South Africa is growing at an alarming 29% per year. We have an estimated 5.2 million orphans in our country. We all need to work together to alleviate the suffering of these children and provide them with brighter futures. The Spur Foundation is committed to playing its part, and supporting the nationwide beneficiaries of our Toy Drive is just one of the ways we are fulfilling our core values of generosity and Ubuntu.”

The Durbanville Children’s Home has achieved remarkable results in the 132 years since it was founded, and even has five children studying at university, all sponsored through a beneficiary fund. The Home needs ongoing support, and for ways in which you can get involved, please visit their website:  Likewise, if you would like to get involved with the Spur Foundation or any of its initiatives – by donating, becoming a volunteer or sponsoring a child- visit our website