Spur Corporation aims to remunerate all employees in such a way so as not only to attract and retain talented individuals, but also to motivate all employees to contribute continuously to the success of the group. In order to achieve this, remuneration is targeted at the upper quartile of benchmarked remuneration levels for each individual’s area of expertise and responsibility. Total remuneration packages are structured to ensure that the interests of employees and shareholders are aligned.

In addition, the group aims to strike a balance between guaranteed remuneration, short-term incentives and long-term incentives for executive and senior management. For these individuals, multiple metrics are used to determine performance criteria, which are aligned with the group’s strategy and shareholder interests, including short and long-term profit growth and long-term share price appreciation.

Remuneration levels are influenced by a scarcity of skills and work performance. Performance-related incentives are driven by ongoing performance feedback, which takes place on an annual basis, along with career development evaluations.