Spur Corporation has used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines as a guide for reporting on non-financial sustainability matters, providing stakeholders with information in a consistent and comparable way. Based on GRI disclosure, the group declares itself compliant with GRI application level C.

Sustainability issues that are included in GRI standards are economic, environmental, social and governance aspects.

King III recommends that a formal process of assurance regarding sustainability reporting should be established. The group’s sustainability reporting is in the early stages of development and, therefore, the board believes that the cost of such an assurance engagement would far exceed the benefit to stakeholders at this time. Furthermore, the board is of the opinion that there is sufficient integrity within the group’s reporting process to rely on sustainability disclosures.

Spur Corporation supports the use of sustainability reporting to become more sustainable and contribute to sustainable development, thus combining long-term profitability with ethical behaviour, social justice, and environmental care.