Spur Corporation’s commitment to creating a sustainable business involves taking environmental sustainability very seriously, not only in their corporate offices, but also in restaurants. Although franchisees cannot be dictated, the group uses its influence to encourage sustainable practices, especially where it has a demonstrable financial benefit.

The Green Economics Toolkit educates and informs employees and franchisees about sustainable business practices and offers practical tips on minimising electricity usage, water consumption and waste production.

The company continuously improves the collection of sustainability data at its offices to understand current usage and to put realistic targets in place. Both the Cape Town head office and the Durban regional office underwent full energy retrofits. Waste management and eco-friendly packaging are two core focus areas, with more than 90% of the waste produced by head office being recycled during the past year.

The group’s environmental sustainability committee was established to implement “green policies” and a sustainability strategy for the group, and to assist the board in measuring compliance with the policies and strategies. The committee comprises executive directors Pierre van Tonder, Mark Farrelly and Ronel van Dijk, the group finance executive, group marketing executive, Panarottis’ chief operating officer and a number of other functional heads and managers within the group. The committee is chaired by the group’s sustainability champion, Joe Stead. Additional subcommittees have been established in each region and in certain specific functional areas.

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